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4 years ago
Does she shut the fuck up? She’s narrating it like a book “my pussy can barely grasp your cock leaving me no choice but to squirt” like fuck, no one asked. Just sit there and moan like the other porn girls
4 years ago
He ruined her for every dude after him
4 years ago
I know sex is kind of like “getting a blowjob from a pussy” but his cock is so big and her pussy is so tight that his cock is literally getting a blowjob from her pussy
DDD 4 years ago
She shouldn't talk, what she says is a turn off. That was lame af
4 years ago
It was good... then it got weird
4 years ago
this girl legit having full ass conversations with herself
Lol 4 years ago
The hell... "barely able to grasp it" that made me laugh so hard
yeet 4 years ago
the cum is cumming
Whos bi?? 3 years ago
?? Y she have to talk like stfuu
4 years ago
What’s her name?